High Power Laser Science and Engineering
Colin Danson, Jianqiang Zhu
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Vol. 12, Iss.3—May.1, 2024 • pp: e23- Spec. pp:
Vol. 12, Iss.3-May..1,2024
Research Articles
Compact mid-infrared dual-comb spectrometer over 3–4 μm via intra-pulse difference frequency generation in LiNbO3 waveguides
Lian Zhou, Haipeng Lou, Zejiang Deng, Xiong Qin, Jiayi Pan, Yuanfeng Di, Chenglin Gu, Daping Luo, and Wenxue Li

The mid-infrared optical frequency comb is a powerful tool for gas sensing. In this study, we demonstrate a simple mid-infrared dual-comb spectrometer covering 3–4 μm in LiNbO3 waveguides. Based on a low-power fiber laser system, the mid-infrared comb is achieved via intra-pulse difference frequency generation in the LiNbO3 waveguide. We construct pre-chirp management before supercontinuum generation to control spatiotemporal alignment for pump and signal pulses. The supercontinuum is directly coupled into a chirped periodically poled LiNbO3 waveguide for the 3–4 μm idler generation. A mid-infrared dual-comb spectrometer based on this approach provides a 100 MHz resolution over 25 THz coverage. To evaluate the applicability for spectroscopy, we measure the methane spectrum using the dual-comb spectrometer. The measured results are consistent with the HITRAN database, in which the root mean square of the residual is 3.2%. This proposed method is expected to develop integrated and robust mid-infrared dual-comb spectrometers on chip for sensing.

High Power Laser Science and Engineering
May. 13, 2024, Vol. 12 Issue 3 03000e23 (2024)
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Research Articles
The importance of Righi–Leduc heat flux to the ablative Rayleigh–Taylor instability during a laser irradiating targets
Ye Cui, Xiao-Hu Yang, Yan-Yun Ma, Guo-Bo Zhang, Bi-Hao Xu, Ze-Hao Chen, Ze Li, Fu-Qiu Shao, and Jie Zhang

The Righi–Leduc heat flux generated by the self-generated magnetic field in the ablative Rayleigh–Taylor instability driven by a laser irradiating thin targets is studied through two-dimensional extended-magnetohydrodynamic simulations. The perturbation structure gets into a low magnetization state though the peak strength of the self-generated magnetic field could reach hundreds of teslas. The Righi–Leduc effect plays an essential impact both in the linear and nonlinear stages, and it deflects the total heat flux towards the spike base. Compared to the case without the self-generated magnetic field included, less heat flux is concentrated at the spike tip, finally mitigating the ablative stabilization and leading to an increase in the velocity of the spike tip. It is shown that the linear growth rate is increased by about 10% and the amplitude during the nonlinear stage is increased by even more than 10% due to the feedback of the magnetic field, respectively. Our results reveal the importance of Righi–Leduc heat flux to the growth of the instability and promote deep understanding of the instability evolution together with the self-generated magnetic field, especially during the acceleration stage in inertial confinement fusion.

High Power Laser Science and Engineering
May. 13, 2024, Vol. 12 Issue 3 03000e24 (2024)
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