On the Cover: Thin liquid film as an optical nonlinear-nonlocal medium and memory element in integrated optofluidic reservoir computer
On the Cover: Advances in lithium niobate photonics: development status and perspectives
On the Cover: Acceleration of 60 MeV proton beams in the commissioning experiment of the SULF-10 PW laser
On the Cover: Laser control strategies in full-dimensional funneling dynamics: the case of pyrazine [Invited]
On the Cover: Silicon photonic devices for scalable quantum information applications
Advancing light-driven micromotors
Advanced Photonics Nexus
Dec. 09, 2022Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2022)
Quantum light to realize metasurface computer-generated holography
Photonics Research
Dec. 07, 2022Vol. 10, Issue 11 (2022)

Since the discovery of topological insulators, topological phases have generated considerable attention across the physics community. The superlattices in

Dec.10,2022Editors' Pick
Photonics Research, Vol. 10, Issue 12 2901 (2022)

An ultrathin angle-insensitive color filter enabling high color saturation and a wide color gamut is proposed by relying on a magnesium hydride-hydrogenat

Chinese Optics Letters, Vol. 21, Issue 3 033602 (2023)

In the field of absorption spectroscopy, the multipass cell (MPC) is one of the key elements. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy adjustment,

Chinese Optics Letters, Vol. 21, Issue 3 033001 (2023)

We theoretically and experimentally demonstrate an RGB achromatic metalens that operates concurrently at three visible wavelengths (

Photonics Research, Vol. 10, Issue 12 B30 (2022)

Recently, the metasurfaces for independently controlling the wavefront and amplitude of two orthogonal circularly polarized electromagnetic waves have bee

, Vol. , Issue ()

Multi-mode optical interferometers represent the most viable platforms for successful implementation of several quantum information schemes that take adva

, Vol. , Issue ()

Structured light fields embody strong spatial variations of polarisation, phase and amplitude. Understanding, characterization and exploitation of such fi

Advanced Photonics, Vol. , Issue ()

We report continuous-wave deep red lasers at 696.6 nm and 698.6 nm in Pr3+:YLF crystal pumped by an InGaN laser diode. A Lyot filter was inserted into the

Chinese Optics Letters, Vol. 21, Issue 4 (2023)