Laser and Particle Beams
Katarzyna Batani
0263-0346 (Print); 1469-803X (Online)
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A. Maffini, M. Cipriani, D. Orecchia, V. Ciardiello, A. Formenti, F. Consoli, M. Passoni, and Yuji Fukuda
Sep. 22, 2023Laser and Particle Beams
Numerical Study of Carbon Nanofoam Targets for Laser-Driven Inertial Fusion Experiments
Matthias Geissel, Adam J. Harvey-Thompson, Matthew R. Weis, Jeffrey R. Fein, David Ampleford, David E. Bliss, Aaron M. Hansen, Christopher Jennings, Mark W. Kimmel, Patrick Rambo, Jonathon E. Shores, Ian C. Smith, C. Shane Speas, John L. Porter, and Fabrizio Consoli
Sep. 05, 2023Laser and Particle Beams
Helium as a Surrogate for Deuterium in LPI Studies
B. Schmitz, D. Kreuter, O. Boine-Frankenheim, and Daniele Margarone
Aug. 14, 2023Laser and Particle Beams
Modeling of a Liquid Leaf Target TNSA Experiment Using Particle-In-Cell Simulations and Deep Learning
Vincenzo Palleschi, and Bhuvanesh Ramakrishna
Jul. 06, 2023Laser and Particle Beams
Forty Years of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and Laser and Particle Beams
Dimitri Batani, Daniele Margarone, and Fabio Belloni
Jun. 29, 2023Laser and Particle Beams
Advances in the Study of Laser-Driven Proton-Boron Fusion