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Innovation Award


European Physical Society Plasma Physics Innovation Prize “for technological, industrial or societal applications of research in plasma physics”


The call for nominations for the 2023 EPS Plasma Physics Innovation Prize has opened.


The EPS Innovation Prize was established in 2008 by the EPS Plasma Physics Division to recognise and promote the wider benefits to society that arise from the applications of plasma physics research. The work recognised in previous years is diverse. Nominations are welcome from all areas of technology, industry, society or more. Recent awards have included applications in medicine and materials processing.


The prize is awarded for proven applications that can go beyond, but are derived from, plasma physics research. Joint awards are also possible and can be submitted from a group of up to three individuals.


The call for the 2023 round of nominations for the EPS Plasma Physics Innovation Prize is open till the 15th of February, 2023.


Nomination form


Research in Plasma Physics has multiple and rich outcomes with direct or indirect applications. These applications, which are sometimes inconspicuous and even unknown to the layman, can have significant impacts on daily human life as well as on economic activity. Surprisingly, some of the impacts seem far from the basic Plasma Physics research which gave birth to these key original ideas, but nonetheless represent exemplary technological and scientific innovation. Today, applications of Plasma Physics flourish in vastly different domains, such as radioactive waste transmutation, medicine, isotope separation processes (with fundamental applications to cancer therapy), infection treatment, material processing, torch cutting and welding, flat TV screens, lighting systems, thrusters, as well as countless other medical, industrial and engineering applications. Within the general framework of the relationship between “Science and Society”, there is a strong effort on communication between research and public domains in many countries.


The European Physical Society is keenly aware of these important applications. As a dual gesture of stimulation and recognition, a new annual prize was created in 2008 by the Plasma Physics Division of the European Physical Society. This prize targets research which has demonstrably led to robust innovative applications or important effects on society. Nominations in any fields are encouraged.


The prize is given once a year and consists of 3000 euros and a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient.


The recognized contribution may be a spin-off (product, process or tool) from research into plasma physics, currently employed outside this original field, for instance in medicine, waste management, material processing, etc. It shall correspond to an existing, proven, application, and not to an ongoing or projected development.


Self-nominations are not allowed.


There are no restrictions for the nationality, the gender or the home institution of the nominees. EPS membership is not required.


Joint awards can be granted to groups of up to 3 researchers.


News from: http://plasma.ciemat.es/eps/awards/innovation-award/