Microelectronics, Volume. 53, Issue 1, 19(2023)

Design of an Active Filter Based on Fractional-Order Memcapacitor

HUANG Jing1, SHANG Tao1, ZUO Yonghao1, and ZUO Zihui2
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    Based on the analysis of integer-order and fractional-order memcapacitor models, a memcapacitor model with two fractional-orders is proposed. The related characteristics were analyzed. At the same time, this model was applied to active low-pass filter circuit. The time domain and frequency domain characteristics of the filter circuit were simulated and analyzed. The experimental results show that, compared with integer-order memcapacitor models, the proposed fractional-order memcapacitor model can adjust the cut-off frequency of the low-pass filter circuit by changing the fractional-order, and then change the filtering effect of low-pass filter circuit.


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    HUANG Jing, SHANG Tao, ZUO Yonghao, ZUO Zihui. Design of an Active Filter Based on Fractional-Order Memcapacitor[J]. Microelectronics, 2023, 53(1): 19

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    Received: Dec. 20, 2021

    Accepted: --

    Published Online: Dec. 15, 2023

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