Semiconductor Optoelectronics, Volume. 43, Issue 5, 861(2022)

Study on Electrical Properties of IGZO-TFT by Aqueous Solution Method

CHONG Le1, LI Xuyang1, CAI Changlong1, LIANG Haifeng1, PEI Xule1, MI Qian1, and YU Zhinong2
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    Indium gallium zinc oxide thin film transistors (IGZO-TFT) were prepared by aqueous solution method, and the effects of different post-annealing temperatures (270, 300, 330, 360 and 400℃) on the electrical properties of IGZO-TFT devices with and without UV-assisted annealing conditions were investigated. It is found that the IGZO-TFT exhibites the best device electrical properties at the post-annealing temperature of 360℃, thus demonstrating that the aqueous solution method can prepare IGZO-TFTs at low temperatures of less than 400℃. Meanwhile, it is shown that at a post-annealing temperature of 360℃, compared with the non-UV-assisted annealed IGZO-TFT, the saturation mobility of the UV-assisted annealed IGZO-TFT increases from 1.19 to 1.62cm2/Vs, and the positive gate bias offset decreases from 8.7 to 4.6V and the negative gate bias offset decreases from -9.7 to -4.4V, thus demonstrating that UV-assisted annealing has activating and passivating effects on IGZO films, which can optimize the electrical properties of IGZO-TFT devices.


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    CHONG Le, LI Xuyang, CAI Changlong, LIANG Haifeng, PEI Xule, MI Qian, YU Zhinong. Study on Electrical Properties of IGZO-TFT by Aqueous Solution Method[J]. Semiconductor Optoelectronics, 2022, 43(5): 861

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    Received: May. 6, 2022

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    Published Online: Jan. 27, 2023

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