Semiconductor Optoelectronics, Volume. 44, Issue 2, 172(2023)

Development of Large Dynamic and High Sensitivity 1024×1024 EMCCD

WANG Chaomin*, YIN Jun, JIANG Haibo, WANG Tingdong, LIU Changlin, and DING Jinsong
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    With the improvement of silicon material quality and the development of semiconductor process technology, the dark current of CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) under low-temperature refrigeration can be neglected. At this time, the amplifier becomes the main noise source, which limits the detection of weak signals. By using the electronic multiplication (EM) technology to amplify the charge packet before it enters the output stage, the noise of the amplifier can be effectively suppressed. However, the charge packets are easily saturated after amplification, which will limit the dynamic range of the device. In this study, the floating gate amplifier performed nondestructive detection on the charge packets. According to the detection results, the amplifier outputs the large charge packets directly, while the small charge packets are amplified by electron multiplication and then output, thus obtaining high sensitivity and large dynamic range. According to the actual test structure, good micro-light imaging is obtained under 10-4Lx illumination, while the dynamic range was up to 150,000 times.


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    WANG Chaomin, YIN Jun, JIANG Haibo, WANG Tingdong, LIU Changlin, DING Jinsong. Development of Large Dynamic and High Sensitivity 1024×1024 EMCCD[J]. Semiconductor Optoelectronics, 2023, 44(2): 172

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    Received: Oct. 28, 2022

    Accepted: --

    Published Online: Aug. 14, 2023

    The Author Email: Chaomin WANG (



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