Infrared Technology, Volume. 43, Issue 8, 730(2021)

Design of a Laser Spot Centroid Detection System Based on NIR CMOS

Xuesong WANG*
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    To meet the requirements of high detection sensitivity, high-precision calculation of spot coordinates, and a calculated output speed greater than 1000 fps, this study introduces a system based on a near-infrared CMOS image sensor to calculate and output centroid coordinates in real time. We employed the NIR detector NOIP1FN1300A of the Python1300 series produced by the company ONsemiconductor to image the laser spot. The Cyclone4 series low-power FPGA was used to drive the sensor and deserialize the sensor output data, and a reliable centroid algorithm was used to calculate the spot coordinates. The results in the output part, USB2.0, and RS422 interfaces were used to output the target image and centroid coordinates in real time. The design has the following advantageous features: 1500 fps real-time processing capacity, a concise software code, accurate calculation of centroid coordinates, and low-power consumption.


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    WANG Xuesong. Design of a Laser Spot Centroid Detection System Based on NIR CMOS[J]. Infrared Technology, 2021, 43(8): 730

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    Received: Dec. 17, 2020

    Accepted: --

    Published Online: Sep. 8, 2021

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