Resources Science, Volume. 42, Issue 1, 184(2020)

Spatial characteristics and influencing factors of rural poverty in the Yellow River Basin

Jiajun QIAO1,1、*, Qiankun ZHU1,1, and Xiangyang XIN2,2
Author Affiliations
  • 1Key Laboratory of Geospatial Technology for the Middle and Lower Yellow River Regions, Ministry of Education; National Demonstration Center for Environmental and Planning; Research Center of Regional Development & Planning / College of Environment & Planning, Henan University, Kaifeng 475004, China;
  • 1黄河中下游数字地理技术教育部重点实验室,环境与规划国家级实验教学示范中心,河南大学区域发展与规划研究中心/环境与规划学院,开封 475004
  • 2Research Center for Small Town Development, Henan Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute Co. Ltd., Zhengzhou 450044, China
  • 2河南省城乡规划设计研究总院有限公司小城镇发展研究中心,郑州 450044
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    China creatively implemented the precision poverty alleviation policy in 2014 and has made significant achievements in reducing population in poverty and poverty reduction, which is remarkable in the anti-poverty history of the world. As the key area of poverty in China, the Yellow River Basin is in urgent need of an overall and systematic analysis of its poverty status and poverty alleviation situation. Based on the data of 356 county-level administrative units and using ArcGIS and geographical detector tools, this study found that: (1) Rural areas in the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River Basin showed typical characteristics of poor population, deep poverty, and spatial agglomeration of population in poverty. (2) Poverty distribution of the rural Yellow River Basin showed clear spatial heterogeneity; the intensity of the influencing factors basin-wide and in the upper, middle, and lower reaches of the basin was different; and the explanatory power of the economic factors to poverty was stronger than other factors. The interaction between some factors showed a synergetic effect of 1+1> 2. (3) Environmental poverty led to economic poverty, which in turn caused social poverty, and social factors are not conducive to improving the environmental poverty, and thus a “poverty loop” was formed in the rural areas of the Yellow River Basin. Environmental factors were the basic causal factors of poverty, economic factors were the leading factors of poverty development, and social factors were the key factors for solving the problem of rural poverty.


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    Jiajun QIAO, Qiankun ZHU, Xiangyang XIN. Spatial characteristics and influencing factors of rural poverty in the Yellow River Basin[J]. Resources Science, 2020, 42(1): 184

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    Received: Dec. 2, 2019

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    Published Online: Sep. 17, 2020

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