Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics, Volume. 39, Issue 6, 927(2022)

Review of co-phasing error detection for synthetic aperture imaging system based on deep learning

Huimin MA1、*, Lei TAN1, Jinghui ZHANG2, Pengfei ZHANG3, Xiaomei NING1, Haiqiu LIU1, and Yanwei GAO1
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    In the optical synthetic aperture imaging system, multiple small aperture telescopes are arranged into a sparse aperture array to increase the equivalent aperture of the system, so as to achieve the high-resolution imaging effect of the large aperture optical system. The detection of co-phasing error between subapertures is an important prerequisite for realizing high-resolution imaging of synthetic aperture systems, and this technology has always been one of the focuses of researchers in this field. The emerging artificial intelligence and big data technology provide a new idea and open up a new direction for the detection of co-phasing error of synthetic aperture imaging system. On the basis of a brief review of the co-phasing error detection methods of synthetic aperture imaging system, the research progress of deep learning technology in co-phasing error detection of synthetic aperture imaging system in recent years is introduced and analyzed, and the future development direction is finally summarized and prospected.


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    MA Huimin, TAN Lei, ZHANG Jinghui, ZHANG Pengfei, NING Xiaomei, LIU Haiqiu, GAO Yanwei. Review of co-phasing error detection for synthetic aperture imaging system based on deep learning[J]. Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics, 2022, 39(6): 927

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    Received: Jul. 3, 2022

    Accepted: --

    Published Online: Mar. 5, 2023

    The Author Email: Huimin MA (



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