On the Cover: Terahertz polarization sensing, chirality enhancement, and specific binding based on metasurface sensors for biochemical detection: a review [Invited]

The image shows the application of multifunctional and multitype metasurfaces in biochemical sensing. In the middle of the image, it is shown that metasurfaces with different functions generate different chiral light fields under the excitation of incident THz waves so that various biomolecules on the surface can be detected.

8th Jan,2024Journal
On the Cover: Photothermal nonlinear scattering of shell-isolated gold nanoparticles and applications in super-resolution imaging

Silica coated gold nanoparticles exhibit improved photothermal stability and nonlinearity, and enable to achieve super-resolution imaging with dual beam scattering suppression imaging (SUSI) microscopes.

8th Jan,2024Journal Slide
On the Cover: Single-pixel wavefront sensing via vectorial polarization modulation [Invited]

The incident light on the left side of the cover sequentially passes through a linear polarizer, a microlens array, and a vortex retarder, and then enters a single-pixel detector to perform polarization centroid positioning. The emitted light on the right side is the logo for the 70th anniversary of the National University of Defense Technology.

8th Jan,2024Journal Slide
On the Cover: Spatiotemporal optical vortex wavepackets with phase singularities embedded in multiple domains [Invited]

The image depicts the spatiotemporal intensity and phase profile of a wavepacket with multiple spiral phases embedded in different space-time domains. Such a spatiotemporal phase structure allows a full-vectorial control over the orbital angular momentum carried by the wavepacket.

8th Jan,2024Journal Slide
On the Cover: Detecting the vector of nanoscale light field with atomic defect

An unknown vectorial optical field pumps the NV center in single crystal diamond from the upside. The spontaneous emission from NV centers with different symmetry axes then carries the polarization and intensity information of the optical field. The spatial distribution of the optical field vector will be reconstructed through fluorescence from multiple NV centers.

8th Jan,2024Journal Slide
On the Cover: Efficient option pricing with a unary-based photonic computing chip and generative adversarial learning

A photonic integrated chip for option pricing achieves precise market capturing and computational speedup through generative adversarial learning and quantum amplitude estimation algorithm. It is a step forward in specialized photonic processors to improve the efficiency and quality of financial applications.

8th Jan,2024Journal Slide
On the Cover: Shape-tailored whispering gallery microcavity lasers designed by transformation optics

Deformed shape microcavity lasers based on transformation optics are demonstrated for the first time, which exploit whispering gallery modes (WGMs) free from Q-degradation. Q spoiling caused by the boundary shape deformation is recovered by spatially varying nanohole density distribution.

8th Jan,2024Journal Slide
On the Cover: Quenching of second-harmonic generation by epsilon-near-zero media

By harnessing evanescent scattering waves of epsilon-near-zero particles, second-harmonic generation quenching effect was unveiled. This breaks the traditional conception that epsilon-near-zero media are always responsible for second-harmonic generation enhancement and creates pathways for applications in dynamically controllable nonlinear optical metasurfaces.

8th Jan,2024Journal Slide