INFRARED, Volume. 43, Issue 6, 12(2022)

Technical Progress of Low-light-level Night Vision Head-mounted System in US Military

Yong ZHANG1, Sa-sa MA1,2、*, and Zhi-wei LI1
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    Low-light-level night vision equipment has good concealment and lower cost than infrared thermal imaging equipment. It is an important means to expand the visual perception of the human eyes under low illumination conditions and is widely used in military and civilian fields. The development of the low-light-level night vision head-mounted system of the US military is reviewed. Meanwhile, the characteristics and development trends of the US military′s AN/AVS series, AN/PVS series, low-light/infrared fusion night vision goggles, clip-on thermal imager, ground panoramic night vision goggle, enhanced night vision goggle-binocular, and integrated visual augmentation system are analyzed. Furthermore, the development prospect of low-light-level night vision head-mounted system in high-performance image intensifiers, solid-state low-light-level night vision technology, and low-light/infrared fusion technology is discussed, which provides a reference for the development of domestic low-light-level night vision head-mounted system.


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    ZHANG Yong, MA Sa-sa, LI Zhi-wei. Technical Progress of Low-light-level Night Vision Head-mounted System in US Military[J]. INFRARED, 2022, 43(6): 12

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    Received: Feb. 15, 2202

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    Published Online: Aug. 5, 2022

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