Infrared Technology, Volume. 42, Issue 11, 1081(2020)

Hyperspectral Infrared Focal Plane Array ROIC Design for Satellite Applications

Shengjuan WU*, Yanbo HU, Xu HU, Jiantang HONG, Hongfu LI, Yina MA, and Wei DENG
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    A hyperspectral infrared focal plane complementary metal–oxide semiconductor (CMOS) readout integrated circuit (ROIC) was developed for satellite applications. The ROIC design includes row and gain selection functions for each line to meet the new requirements of hyperspectral applications in ROICs. Further, the ROIC optionally supports 7-gain features and is suited for medium and shortwave MCT chips; other features of the proposed design include integration while reading, anti-blooming, series port control, and full-chip current injection test functions. The proposed ROIC was fabricated in a 0.35 μm stitching process with a 5 V power supply; the test results show good performance of the ROIC, with a full-frame rate of 450 Hz and adjustable power dissipation having a typical value of 300 mW. This paper introduces the basic structure of the readout circuit design, shows the problems in the design and the corresponding solutions, and gives the test results of the circuit at the end of the paper.


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    WU Shengjuan, HU Yanbo, HU Xu, HONG Jiantang, LI Hongfu, MA Yina, DENG Wei. Hyperspectral Infrared Focal Plane Array ROIC Design for Satellite Applications[J]. Infrared Technology, 2020, 42(11): 1081

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    Received: Sep. 25, 2019

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    Published Online: Jan. 11, 2021

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