Microelectronics, Volume. 53, Issue 5, 897(2023)

Review on the Development of Wide Input Voltage Buck DC-DC Converter

LIU Fan1,2, LUO Ping1, TANG Tailong2, and LIAO Pengfei2
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    The power management chip is responsible for the transformation, distribution, detection and other power management of electrical energy in the electronic equipment system. The most common structures of which are linear power supplies and switching power supplies. The switching power supply can maintain a stable output voltage by controlling the MOSFET switch opening and closing time. It is widely used in almost all electronic equipment because of its high efficiency and miniaturization characteristics. There are often multiple voltage rails in industrial control systems, automotive electronics and other fields. In different working stages, there is also a large range of input voltage instantaneous transformation, which makes it require high input voltage at the same time. It is necessary to power the loads efficiently over a wide input range. In this paper, the conversion efficiency improvement of wide input voltage DC-DC, fast response technology and low EMI design are comprehensively described, and some recent advances in academia and industry are analyzed.


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    LIU Fan, LUO Ping, TANG Tailong, LIAO Pengfei. Review on the Development of Wide Input Voltage Buck DC-DC Converter[J]. Microelectronics, 2023, 53(5): 897

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    Received: Jul. 11, 2023

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    Published Online: Jan. 3, 2024

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