Advanced Photonics, Volume. 6, Issue 3, 039901(2024)

About the cover: Advanced Photonics Volume 6, Issue 3

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Efforts to boost information processing capacity have led scientists to optical multiplexing techniques, such as polarization and wavelength, enhancing communication capacity. Spatial mode-division multiplexing utilizes orthogonal spatial modes, notably orbital angular momentum (OAM) modes/vortex beams, which offer vast information capacity due to OAM’s arbitrary quantization. OAM multiplexing, combined with other multiplexing techniques, appears as a solution to capacity challenges. However, challenges persist, especially with the beam size and divergence of vortex beams increasing with OAM, such as the Laguerre-Gaussian beam. This necessitates larger receivers for more modes and greater capacity, posing a constraint for spatial multiplexing especially with realistically limited-size receivers.

Featured on the cover of Advanced Photonics Volume 6 Issue 3 is a schematic of an OAM-multiplexing-based free-space optical communication system utilizing iso-propagation vortex beams with OAM-independent propagation dynamics. This new type of vortex beam overcomes historical limitations related to OAM-dependent divergence, thereby enhancing capacity and demonstrating resilience to atmospheric turbulence.


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