INFRARED, Volume. 41, Issue 7, 5(2020)

Research on Low Noise Automatic Testing Technology of Infrared Detector

Jian-wei LIU, Yan-lei XING, and Guang-le YAO
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    In the test process of multi-element infrared detector, the traditional method usually uses the way of analyzer collection and manual reading to achieve the data acquisition. The analyzer, preamplifier,gas source and fixture work independently, and the collected data need to be edited again with low efficiency. In order to achieve accurate automated engineering test and the control integration of the gas source and fixture at the same time, the PULSE multi-analyzer of Denmark B&K company is used as the acquisition terminal, and the acquisition and control software is re-developed by using VBA program. In this way mentioned above, the automated test is achieved. In this paper, the noise source of amplifier in the process of system establishment is analyzed, and the relationship between noise coefficient and source impedance is fitted. It is illustrated that the key to achieve low noise amplification is the optimal source impedance match between the detector and the preamplifier. In addition, the first stage of the amplifier is designed to be multi-channel parallel, and the switch is used between the second stage and the first stage to maintain the consistency of the channels. Finally, through the combination of the software and the hardware, the automated test of real-time and multi-channel fast Fourier transform analysis of the detector is realized.


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    LIU Jian-wei, XING Yan-lei, YAO Guang-le. Research on Low Noise Automatic Testing Technology of Infrared Detector[J]. INFRARED, 2020, 41(7): 5

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    Received: Jun. 16, 2020

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    Published Online: Nov. 3, 2020

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