Chinese Optics Letters, Volume. 20, Issue 11, 110602(2022)

Visible light communication system at 3.59 Gbit/s based on c-plane green micro-LED

Guoqiang Li1, Runze Lin1, Haichao Guo2,3, Pengfei Tian1、*, and Nan Chi1、**
Author Affiliations
  • 1Department of Communication Science and Engineering, Institute for Electric Light Sources, Key Laboratory for Information Science of Electromagnetic Waves (MoE), School of Information Science and Technology, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China
  • 2National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Space Microwave, Xi’an 710100, China
  • 3China Academy of Space Technology (Xi’an), Xi’an 710100, China
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    Visible light communication (VLC) based on the micro light emitting diode (micro-LED) has attracted increasing attention owing to its high bandwidth, low power consumption, and high security. Compared with semi-polar or non-polar micro-LEDs, the commercial polar micro-LED has the advantages of low cost and more mature epitaxy technique. In this study, green micro-LEDs with different indium tin oxide (ITO) sizes are fabricated based on the commercial c-plane LED epitaxial wafer. The transmission performance of 80, 100, and 150 µm devices has been studied in detail. A partial pre-equalization scheme is utilized to increase data rates. Finally, the VLC system with a 100 µm green micro-LED as the transmitter could achieve a maximum data rate of 3.59 Gbit/s. Such a result will be beneficial to promote the further development of low-cost, high-speed VLC devices in the future.


    1. Introduction

    Visible light communication (VLC), as a new type of communication technology, has the characteristics of no electromagnetic radiation, being license-free, and high security compared with traditional radio frequency (RF) communication[13]. It is expected to become an important supplement to the current wireless communication technology. In order to achieve a high-speed VLC system, the high-performance optical transmitter (Tx) is one of the most critical factors. Compared with the traditional light emitting diode (LED) device, GaN-based micro-LEDs can further realize the advantages of high bandwidth and low power consumption due to its micron-level size[4]. Therefore, the micro-LED has been widely used in the fields of micro-display, free-space optical (FSO) communication, underwater wireless optical communication (UWOC), and so on[57]. Especially for VLC application, the single-chip modulation bandwidth of up to 1.5 GHz and a data rate of 11.74 Gbit/s can be achieved by the non-polar blue micro-LED and series-biased blue micro-LED, respectively[8,9].


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    Guoqiang Li, Runze Lin, Haichao Guo, Pengfei Tian, Nan Chi. Visible light communication system at 3.59 Gbit/s based on c-plane green micro-LED[J]. Chinese Optics Letters, 2022, 20(11): 110602

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    Paper Information

    Category: Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

    Received: Apr. 18, 2022

    Accepted: Jun. 10, 2022

    Published Online: Jul. 18, 2022

    The Author Email: Pengfei Tian (, Nan Chi (



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