Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, Volume. 51, Issue 12, 3196(2023)

Corrosion Resistance of Fused-Cast AZCS Refractory by Borosilicate Melt

WEI Han1,2, MAO Limin1,2, WANG Juntao1,2, CHEN Haishan1,2, YANG Haiyun2, LIU Jiwang2, QING Xiaobin2, ZHOU Zhanghuai2, LIU Qiang2, SU Shixun2, and LI Huan1,2
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    The Al2O3-ZrO2-Cr2O3-SiO2 (AZCS) material as a new type of fused-cast refractory has better corrosion resistance than other fused refractories under high-temperature and high-corrosion resistance conditions. To investigate the erosion resistance behavior of the material to the borosilicate glass melt, the AZCS material was subjected to an erosion test at 1 500 ℃, by using borosilicate glass waste-forms containing B2O3 of 12% (in mass fraction). The samples before and after erosion were analyzed by chemical analysis, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and energy disperse spectroscopy. The results show that AZCS material can be divided into the metamorphic layer, transitional layer and central layer based on the degree of corrosion. The central layer changes little, there are still a large amount of aluminum-chromium solid solution and baddeleyite, and only a small amount of newly formed magnesia-alumina spinel. MgO infiltrating the material reacts with the solid solution to form the MA spinel in situ and partially replaces the aluminum-chromium solid solution in the original position. In the transitional layer, the maximum amount of MA spinel is formed, and the Al-Cr solid solution dissolves and disappears. Therefore, the phases in this layer are MA spinel and baddeleyite. In the metamorphic layer, there is basically only undissolved Cr2O3 phase with a loose Cr2O3 structure and a worm-like morphology. Aluminum-chromium solid solution, baddeleyite and MA spinel dissolve and disappear.


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    WEI Han, MAO Limin, WANG Juntao, CHEN Haishan, YANG Haiyun, LIU Jiwang, QING Xiaobin, ZHOU Zhanghuai, LIU Qiang, SU Shixun, LI Huan. Corrosion Resistance of Fused-Cast AZCS Refractory by Borosilicate Melt[J]. Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, 2023, 51(12): 3196

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    Received: Jun. 25, 2023

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    Published Online: Jan. 19, 2024

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