Chinese Journal of Lasers, Volume. 49, Issue 24, 2416002(2022)

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Yan Sun1, Fan Wang1, Yafei Wang1, Qiubai Yang1, Xin Wang1、*, Shubin Chen1, Chunlei Yu1,2, and Lili Hu1,2、**
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    Yan Sun, Fan Wang, Yafei Wang, Qiubai Yang, Xin Wang, Shubin Chen, Chunlei Yu, Lili Hu. [J]. Chinese Journal of Lasers, 2022, 49(24): 2416002

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    Paper Information

    Category: rapid communications

    Received: Sep. 15, 2022

    Accepted: Oct. 11, 2022

    Published Online: Nov. 21, 2022

    The Author Email: Wang Xin (, Hu Lili (



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