Infrared Technology, Volume. 43, Issue 11, 1049(2021)

Design of Spaceborne Large Field of View Multispectral Imaging Optical System

Wenxuan LI, Yuan HU*, Kai ZHANG, Mingze QIN, and Xiyao YUAN
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    A large field of view, multi-channel, lightness, and miniaturization have all become critical requirements for satellite-borne surveying and mapping optical systems. According to the above-mentioned requirements, a design method that uses the field of view to split light and then uses a narrowband dichroic plate to split light is proposed, and an optimization function for automatic de-occlusion, lightness, and miniaturization is constructed. This method was used to design an off-axis three-mirror four-channel optical system with spherical primary, secondary, and tertiary mirrors. For the ground image, the focal length was360mm, relative aperture was 1/6, field of view was 13°×5°, and working waveband was 0.4– 1.1.m. The element resolution was 5 m, and the distortion of the full field of view was less than 5%. The entire system installation and adjustment were completed according to the tolerance analysis results. After processing and installation, the measured modulation transfer function (MTF) curve of the100 lp/mm entire system was greater than 0.25. The system had good image quality and it occupied only 245 mm×423 mm and the entire weight was only 13.82 kg. This shows that the system had excellent characteristics of a large field of view, no obstruction, lightness, and miniaturization.


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    LI Wenxuan, HU Yuan, ZHANG Kai, QIN Mingze, YUAN Xiyao. Design of Spaceborne Large Field of View Multispectral Imaging Optical System[J]. Infrared Technology, 2021, 43(11): 1049

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    Received: Nov. 15, 2020

    Accepted: --

    Published Online: Dec. 25, 2021

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