Microelectronics, Volume. 53, Issue 5, 877(2023)

An On-Chip Multi-Voltage Output LDO Circuit

YAN Ronghe1, ZHANG Bingke2, CHANG Xinghong1, WANG Bin1, and KONG Moufu1
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    An on-chip low dropout linear regulator (LDO) with high gain and stability was proposed. It could provide fast-response voltage for high speed changing logic and driver circuits. The two-stage cascaded output LDO with a wide supply voltage range from 9.5 V to 15.5 V was designed in a 0.18 μm BCD process, which had a good phase margin, a high response speed and a good linear adjustment rate to meet the power supply requirements of multiple power rails inside the chip. The LDO circuit was simulated with Cadence, and was fabricated. The simulation and test results show that the main loop of LDO has a good phase margin and a low output voltage ripple in the full load range. When the input voltage ranges from 9.5 V to 15.5 V, the output voltages of the two-stage LDO are stable at 4.53 V and 1.80 V, respectively, and the linear regulation is nice. The LDO can provide stable supply voltages for logic, driver and other modules when used in GaN driver chips.


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    YAN Ronghe, ZHANG Bingke, CHANG Xinghong, WANG Bin, KONG Moufu. An On-Chip Multi-Voltage Output LDO Circuit[J]. Microelectronics, 2023, 53(5): 877

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    Received: Mar. 16, 2023

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    Published Online: Jan. 3, 2024

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