Electronics Optics & Control, Volume. 30, Issue 4, 17(2023)

Intelligent Control Strategy of Quadrotor UAV Based on Atmospheric Turbulence

YANG Zhibo1, CHENG Ben1, ZHU Qidan2, and LU Peng3
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    The attitude of the quadrotor UAV will be disturbed by atmospheric turbulence when UAV performing tasks.Therefore, a method to optimize the traditional PID controller using variable domain fuzzy theory is proposed.According to the kinematic equation, a nonlinear model of quadrotor UAV with more accurate control accuracy is established.Due to the strong randomness of atmospheric turbulence, the model of components of atmospheric turbulence is obtained by using the Dryden model.Considering the lack of anti-interference ability of traditional PID controller, a variable domain fuzzy adaptive PID controller is designed by using variable domain fuzzy control.In the Simulink environment, the two controllers are compared through simulations after successively adding atmospheric turbulence and step response disturbance.The results show that the optimized controller has better robustness and stability than the traditional controller.


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    YANG Zhibo, CHENG Ben, ZHU Qidan, LU Peng. Intelligent Control Strategy of Quadrotor UAV Based on Atmospheric Turbulence[J]. Electronics Optics & Control, 2023, 30(4): 17

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    Received: Mar. 9, 2022

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    Published Online: Jun. 12, 2023

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