BLASTING, Volume. 38, Issue 3, 172(2021)

Thoughts on Safety Management of Miniature Civil Explosives Magazine

XIA Man-man* and ZHENG De-ming
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    According to the current national laws,regulations,standards and specifications on miniature civil explosives magazine,the problems existing in the ground storage of miniature civil explosives magazine,such as the insufficient safety distance of the internal and external areas,the unqualified building structure,the unqualified lightning protection facilities,the failure of the civil explosive articles to be placed safely according to the regulations,and the inadequate safety management etc,are sorted out.In view of the above safety management problems,the existing safety risks and accident cases are given as examples,and analyzes the root causes of a series of accidents.It is recommended that the Ministry of Public Security should make clear provisions on the number of miniature civil explosives magazine used by blasting units in revising the Safety Code for Miniature Civil Explosives Magazine(GA838—2009).The competent department can strictly control and effectively play the role of the dangerous goods on-site supervision and management organization.From the formulation and revision of laws,regulations and standards to the implementation of civil explosives industry opinions,should be widely solicited to ensure the effectiveness of management.


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    XIA Man-man, ZHENG De-ming. Thoughts on Safety Management of Miniature Civil Explosives Magazine[J]. BLASTING, 2021, 38(3): 172

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    Published Online: Feb. 2, 2024

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