Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics, Volume. 39, Issue 5, 677(2022)

Excimer laser amplification technology of ultraviolet ultrashort pulse

Yanlin ZHANG1,2,3、*, Libing YOU1,3,4, Hongwei WANG1, Qi WANG5, Zexiong HU1,2, Jun FAN1,2, and Xiaodong FANG1,2
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    Ultraviolet ultrashort pulses have important application value in the fields of ultrafast science and strong field physics due to their short wavelength,excellent focusing characteristics, and high peak power. Excimer laser gas as gain medium has unique advantages in amplifying ultraviolet ultrashort pulses, so using excimer lasers to amplify ultraviolet ultrashort pulses to obtain high-intensity laser output provides a new possibility for the application of ultraviolet lasers. This article introduces the features of excimer laser amplification briefly firstly, then describes the ultraviolet ultrashort excimer laser technology in units based on the amplification characteristics of excimer, and at last describes the measurement of deep ultraviolet ultrashort pulse duration as well.


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    ZHANG Yanlin, YOU Libing, WANG Hongwei, WANG Qi, HU Zexiong, FAN Jun, FANG Xiaodong. Excimer laser amplification technology of ultraviolet ultrashort pulse[J]. Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics, 2022, 39(5): 677

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    Received: Feb. 8, 2021

    Accepted: --

    Published Online: Oct. 14, 2022

    The Author Email: Yanlin ZHANG (



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