Optics Frontier—The International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics (CIOP) is an international conference with comprehensive technical sessions about optics and photonics. CIOP 2019 will be held in Xi'an, China on 6 to 9 August 2019 and attract 800+ attendees, 40+ exhibitors and 300+ technical talks from all corners of the world to share and communicate their latest research works.

Frank Effenberger

Fumio Koyama

Hongxing Xu

Anatoly V Zayats

Futurewei Technologies, USA

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Wuhan University, China

King's College London, UK

SC 1: Light-Matter Interactions+
SC 2: Plasmonics and Metamaterials+
SC 3: Ultrafast and Nonlinear Phenomena+
SC 4: Solid State, Fiber, and Other Laser Sources+
SC 5: Silicon Photonics+
SC 6: Microwave Photonics+
SC 7: Micro and Nanophotonics+
SC 8: Optical Materials+
SC 9: Optical Measurement and Metrology+
SC 10: Infrared and Terahertz Technologies+
SC 11: Optical Imaging, Display, and Storage+
SC 12: Optical Communications and Networks+
SC 13: Optical Fiber and Waveguide Technologies+
SC 14: Biophotonics and Optofluidics+
SC 15: Optical Sensors and Systems+
SC 16: Atomic Physics, Quantum Photonics, and Quantum Information+

  Abstract Submission Deadline:
    June 21

  Early Bird Registration Deadline:
    July 20

  Manuscript Submission Deadline:
    August 9