BLASTING, Volume. 40, Issue 4, 20(2023)

Influence of Detonator Layout on Frequency Spectrum of Blasting Vibration with Electronic Initiation

ZHOU Jun-ru1、*, LU Wen-bo2, CAI Lu-jun1, and WU Liang1
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    Blasting is widely used in tunnel engineering as a large scale and high efficiency method of rock breakage,but it inevitably brings some bad effects to the adjacent structures and surrounding rocks,among which blasting vibration is the first.Electronic detonator initiation can realize the active control of blasting vibration intensity and spectrum due to its accurate delay,high reliability and safety,which is an effective means to reduce the seismic effect of blasting.In order to explore the influence of the location and number of electronic detonators on the frequency spectrum of blasting vibration,field tests and numerical calculations were combined.The main frequency characteristics of blasting vibration are summarized for five different initiation locations,including the bottom of the charge,the top of the charge,the middle of the charge,simultaneous initiation at the top and bottom of the charge,and simultaneous initiation at two points evenly distributed in the charge section.Based on the spectrum expression of blasting vibration in viscoelastic medium,the characteristics of blasting loads under different working conditions were analyzed from the perspective of superposition of blasting sources,which was used to reveal the influence of detonator arrangement on blasting vibration frequency spectrum.The results show that the initiation conditions are ranked as simultaneous initiation of two uniformly distributed points,middle initiation,simultaneous initiation at the top and bottom,top initiation and bottom initiation,in the order of vibration frequency from largest to smallest.Multiple detonators actually divide the whole charge into several segments,which is equivalent to superposition of multiple sub-explosive sources.Changing the location or number of detonators is essentially to detonate the entire charge in segments at the same time.The more segments,the length of sub-explosive source charge and the detonation process are shorter,which means the energy release rate of explosives and the blasting vibration frequency are higher,and the rise of explosion load is faster.In addition,with the increase of distance to blast source,the influence of detonator position on blasting vibration frequency converges.


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    ZHOU Jun-ru, LU Wen-bo, CAI Lu-jun, WU Liang. Influence of Detonator Layout on Frequency Spectrum of Blasting Vibration with Electronic Initiation[J]. BLASTING, 2023, 40(4): 20

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    Received: Aug. 30, 2022

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    Published Online: Jan. 15, 2024

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