Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics, Volume. 40, Issue 3, 333(2023)

Terahertz planar toroidal dipole metamaterial sensor for detecting gutter oil

XU Jianwei1, OUYANG Shoujian1, DUAN Shouxin1, ZOU Liner1,2, DENG Xiaohua2, and SHEN Yun1,2、*
Author Affiliations
  • 1School of Physics and Materials Science, Nanchang University, Nanchang 330031, China
  • 2Institute of Space Science and Technology, Nanchang University, Nanchang 330031, China
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    Jianwei XU, Shoujian OUYANG, Shouxin DUAN, Liner ZOU, Xiaohua DENG, Yun SHEN. Terahertz planar toroidal dipole metamaterial sensor for detecting gutter oil[J]. Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics, 2023, 40(3): 333

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    Received: Oct. 11, 2022

    Accepted: --

    Published Online: Jun. 30, 2023

    The Author Email: SHEN Yun (