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Studies on tunable X-ray frequency combs generation at the Shanghai soft X-ray free-electron laser [Early Posting]

Ni Lanpeng, Xiao Yaozong, Qi Zheng, Feng Chao, Zhao Zhentang
Author Affiliations
  • Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Shanghai Advanced Research Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences
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    The X-ray Frequency Comb (XFC) is of great interest in many scientific research. In this study, we investigate the generation of high-power tunable XFCs at the SXFEL. To achieve this, a chirped frequency-beating laser is employed as the seed laser for EEHG-FEL. This approach enables the formation of an initial microbunching comb and ultimately facilitates the generation of XFC under critical conditions. We provide an optical design for the chirped frequency-beating seed laser system and outline a method to set key parameters that meet the critical requirements for generating continuously tunable XFCs. Three-dimensional simulations using realistic parameters of SXFEL demonstrate that it is possible to produce XFCs with peak power reaching 1.5 GW, central photon energy at carbon K edge (~284 eV), and tunable repetition frequencies ranging from 7 THz to 12 THz. Our proposal opens up new possibilities for resonant inelastic x-ray scattering experiments at X-ray FEL facilities.

    Paper Information

    Manuscript Accepted: May. 8, 2024

    Posted: Jun. 6, 2024

    DOI: HPL-0069