Chinese Optics Letters, Volume. 22, Issue 5, (2024)

Mid-infrared SESAM mode-locked Er:CaF2-SrF2 bulk laser at 2.73 μm [Early Posting]

Liu Jingjing, Tang Linxuan, feng xiaoyue, zong mengyu, Tong Luyang, Zhang Zhen, Zhao Lina, Liu Jie, su liangbi
Author Affiliations
  • Shandong Normal University School of Physics and Electronics
  • China
  • 山东师范大学
  • Shanghai Institute of Ceramics Chinese Academy of Sciences
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    To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that a mid-infrared Er3+:CaF2-SrF2 laser has achieved continuous-wave mode-locked operation by a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror. The laser emits a maximum output power of 93 mW at 2.73 µm with a repetition rate of approximately 69 MHz and demonstrates a high signal-to-noise ratio of around 71 dB. In addition, a MgF2 birefringent plate was utilized to enable wavelength tuning of the Er3+:CaF2-SrF2 laser, resulting in operation at approximately 2.73 µm, 2.75 µm, 2.79 µm, and 2.81μm. These results demonstrate that Er3+:CaF2-SrF2 is a promising alternative for the generation of efficient diode-pumped mode-locked lasers around 2.8 μm.

    Paper Information

    Manuscript Accepted: Jan. 31, 2024

    Posted: Feb. 6, 2024

    DOI: COL-0059