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Nonlinear localization of ultracold atomic Fermi gases in Moiré optical lattices [Early Posting]

Liu Xiuye, Zeng Jianhua
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  • China
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    Moiré superlattices, a twisted functional structure crossing the periodic and non-periodic potentials, have recently attracted great interest in multidisciplinary fields including optics and ultracold atoms because of their unique band structures, physical properties, and potential implications. Driven by recent experiments on quantum phenomena of bosonic gases as atomic Bose-Einstein condensates in Moiré optical lattices, by which other quantum degenerate gases like ultracold fermionic atoms are trapped could be readily achieved in ultracold atom laboratories, whereas the associated nonlinear localization mechanism remains unexploited. Here, we report the nonlinear localization theory of ultracold atomic Fermi gases in two-dimensional Moiré optical lattices. The linear Bloch-wave spectrum of such a twisted structure exhibits rich nontrivial flat bands, which are separated by different finite band gaps wherein the existence, properties, and dynamics of localized superfluid Fermi gas structures of two types, gap solitons and gap vortices (topological modes) with vortex charge s=1, are studied numerically. Our results demonstrate the wide stability regions and robustness of these localized structures, opening up a new avenue for studying soliton physics and Moiré physics in ultracold atoms beyond bosonic gases.

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    Manuscript Accepted: Feb. 19, 2024

    Posted: Apr. 2, 2024

    DOI: APN