Poster Preparation Details


The 3rd International symposium on HPLSE(HPLSE2018) will take place from 9 to 13, 
April, 2018 in Nanlin Hotel, Suzhou, China.

For the convenience of poster authors, the conference committee group will use a 
unified template for all poster authors.

Please click on the following link to download the corresponding topic PPT template
and send the final document in PDF format to the e-mail:
(Deadline: March 25, 2018).

Template of topic 1 High energy density physics

Template of topic 2 High power laser

Template of topic 3 Advanced laser technology and applications

Template of topic 4 Laser components for high power laser

For "Shenguang" International Forum, please download the following topic PPT 
template for graduate students

Template of topic 1 for Graduate Students

Template of topic 2 for Graduate Students

Template of topic 3 for Graduate Students

Template of topic 4 for Graduate Students

Note: "Shenguang" International Forum for Graduate Students will be held in the afternoon of 9th April, 2018. (2018年度“神光”国际研究生学术论坛将在4月9日下午开始,并于4月10日晚宴进行优秀报告颁奖)

The middle of the white area used to fill out the contents of the poster, the format can be 
designed, the image resolution is unified for 150dpi (right click on the picture, select the 
property, click the details of the horizontal / vertical resolution is 150dpi)


Please send the document in PDF format to the e-mail: . 
File name: Topic No. (space) Author (space) (Please check the resolution of the picture 
format is 150dpi before sending, otherwise less than 150dpi pictures will be blurred when