Visa Application


Please complete the file 'Data for Visa Application' and send us 
your passport scanning for visa application.


  • A valid visa is REQUIRED for attendees from most countries (except Singapore, Brunei and Japan) to attend the symposium. Attendees can apply for either a 
    tourist visa (Visa L) or a business visa (Visa F) for entry through a travel agency 
    or directly at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate.
  • Please note that it takes more than 2 months to get a Chinese visa after applying.
  • Official visa information:

 Visa L (the Tourist Visa)


 Visa F (the Business Visa)


  • If attendees apply for the tourist visa (Visa L), an official visa invitation letter will NOT be needed.
  • Please fill the Data for Visa Application form. Then e-mail it to the symposium 
    secretariat:, with the subject ‘Requiring invitation letter for 
    ’ before Feb. 26, 2018.
  • After receiving your email, an official invitation letter with CAS seal (also called 
    Authorized Notification Form for Visa Application) will be sent to assist your 
  • Please note that due to the large expected number of enquires, we can only reply 
    to visa application queries AFTER your registration for HPLSE2018.